Made In Rossendale – R-Awards 2020

we’re super excited to be one of the sponsors of this years Rossendale Business Awards and we’re sponsoring Made In Rossendale which is a returning award for 2020!
If your a local maker, be it a manufacturer, an artisan, a creative or a performing artist, what ever it is, if your business makes something original that has made you successful then this is the award for you!

This winner of this award will be a business that makes something. They might be a manufacturer, an artisan or in the creative or performing arts, but what they make will be original to them. They will have been trading since before April 1st 2019. Nominees will be asked to demonstrate:

  • What is special and original about what they make
  • The ‘wow’ factor it has brought to their business
  • Improved business performance since April 2019

Nominations are open from 16th September –  21st October 2020 to nominate a business for any of the awards visit