Mid Summer With Mossy Book


Mossy is a greenman of the woods.
He lives on an old oak tree.
His best friend is Lichen.
their world is shaped by folklore and customs found throughout our collective history, along with current environmental concerns.
This is his second adventure.

Join Mossy and his friend Lichen on their second magical adventure. The mid summer flowers have not opened and the bees are sad. Can Mossy and Lichen help the bees and find a way to make the mid summer flowers open in time? With help from some old friends, Holly and Ivy and The Root Folk band as well as some new acquaintances they meet along the way they just might be able to save the day once again and bring joy to the bees and the forest.

Mid Summer With Mossy is the second book in the Mossy series and is an original fable for children ages 3+ that using traditional spring and summer folklore to create a unique summer adventure and explores how important bees are and that natures natural balance is maintained.

Mossy is a co-commission between Analogue Farm and The Boo



Recommended for children 3+

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