Lichen’s Foraging Calendar

A series of monthly foraging calendar cards featuring wild plants and mushrooms found in Britain’s woodlands, meadows, moors and hedgerows brought to you by Mossy’s best friend, Lichen.

“My friend Mossy and I live in the woods where we find food and materials to make things -some people call this ‘foraging’. I bet you’ve picked or ‘foraged’ for blackberries before?! These delicious berries are always in my basket during September, but there are so many other exciting plants, berries and fungi to discover throughout the year, even in deepest winter.

Each month I will share six cards with plants, berries, fungi and creatures for you to discover. The cards will explain where you can find them and what you might be able to make with them: from food and drink recipes; to exciting craft activities. After twelve months you will have over 70 cards to share with your friends and family!”



“Never consume a wild plant or fungus unless you are absolutely certain of its identification”

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Happy Foraging – and don’t forget to share your discoveries with us! We’d love to see any pictures you take of what you fine – and if you make any of the recipes don’t forget to take a picture of those too! #Mossy

Come back each month for new cards!