Mossy Books

Mossy lives on the giant old oak,

with many other mossy folk.

It’s midwinter in the woods

The last leaves blown from the trees.

Mossy is also swept from his home! 

Let’s hope he won’t land alone…

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Mid Summer With Mossy Book by David Chatton Barker

Join Mossy and his friend Lichen on their second magical adventure. The mid summer flowers have not opened and the bees are sad. Can Mossy and Lichen help the bees and find a way to make the mid summer flowers open in time? With help from some old friends, Holly and Ivy and The Root Folk band as well as some new acquaintances they meet along the way they just might be able to save the day once again and bring joy to the bees and the forest.

Mid Summer With Mossy is the second book in the Mossy series and is an original fable for children ages 3+ that using traditional spring and summer folklore to create a unique summer adventure and explores how important bees are and that natures natural balance is maintained.


Midwinter With Mossy by David Chatton Barker

Mossy’s first story is Midwinter with Mossy.

It is mid winter in the wood and as the last leaves are blown form the trees, Mossy is also blown from his home…

Join Mossy and his friend Lichen on a magical adventure as they go in search of a way to banish the winter night and bring joy back to the creatures of the wood. But beware; the Mari Leywd may be lying in wait to trick our valiant hero’s!

Mossy Midwinter is an original fable for children ages 3+ that using traditional winter folklore to create a unique midwinter adventure and explores how nature can help us all to banish the winter blues.


Audio Books

Both books are also now available as audio books, so you can listen to Mossy’s adventures wherever you are, in the car on a walk through the woods anywhere!