On Tour

Suffrajitsu:  On Tour this Autumn

28th September:  Unity Theatre, Liverpool

8th and 9th October – The Garage, Brierfield

10th October – Burnley Youth Theatre

11th October – The Grand, Clitheroe

13 October – The Bureau, Blackburn


From the cotton mills of the Lancashire hills to the big smoke of London, we follow Annie, a young mill lass as she fights for her right to vote. However, the fight for change is never easy, and young Annie must learn to defend herself and her fellow suffragettes from those that seek to stop them.

Suffrajitsus assemble!

Suffrajitsu tells the story of one young girl and how she learns that being small doesn’t mean you can’t change the world. Inspired by the real lives of suffragettes, this is the story of a movement that divided the nation. Suffrajitsus used Jiu Jitsu to protect themselves from arrest and police brutality, and ultimately helped win the fight to give women the vote! Combining original music, puppetry and some graphic style ‘Ka-Pows!’, Suffrajitsu shows you that you too can change the world, no matter who you are.

This show is a co-production between two of the UK’s major puppetry companies; Horse + Bamboo Theatre and Little Angel Theatre in Islington. Horse + Bamboo have been making visual theatre since 1978. 2018, our 40th year, is the same year as the centenary of the Representation of the People Act which gave the first group of women the vote. Little Angel celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2011. It continues to command international respect for the artistic quality of its productions, and is dearly loved by children and adults alike.

Creative Team

Written by Ruthie Boycott-Garnett

Directed by Esther Ferry-Kennington

Set and Puppet Design and Creation by Emma Brierley

Shadow Puppets by Alastair Price

Music by Cath Tyler