A brand new children’s podcast for children 6 + and their families. 

Brought to you by Paper Balloon

A team of balloonists have failed on a trip to the moon and are now hopelessly trapped circling the earth, with nothing to eat but sardine-flavoured Hula Hoops and nothing to do except tell each other stories…but now they are even running out of those!

Luckily our star-sailing band of orbiting storytellers were able to beam down to ground control at Norwich Puppet Theatre just in time. Armed with a collection of original stories created by local children, the aeronauts are safe from boredom…for now!

This second episode was created using stories from Rossendale families, who participated in a story creation workshop at The Boo!


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This is the second episode of a series, as the Balloonists work with different communities around the country to create different stories to share. Make sure you check out the other episodes which will be released monthly until November 2021.