The Moon Watcher

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dm-show1Horse + Bamboo are developing the successful Different Moons programme in several exciting directions.

One will be the creation of a new touring production – The Moon Watcher – loosely based on the stories that have grown out of meeting and interviewing the first generation of Pakistani and Bangladeshi women who travelled to Rossendale to join their husbands, starting in the late 1970s.

A world of mill chimneys and djinns; rainy days and talking birds. We meet a young girl who came from Pakistan to join her husband in England. We are led through an intimate landscape to observe the plight of our fast spinning planet. The Moon Watcher tells a story of global travel and the residues of settling. A second generation daughter and determined truth seeker brightens our hearts with questions.

Poet Shamshad Khan and Horse + Bamboo founder artist Bob Frith, (above) who together devised the Different Moons programme, are dm-show3developing their creative partnership to write and create this new theatre show. It will tour locally and nationally, combining poetry and visual theatre with film, music and puppetry, and will be available for touring in 2018.

Meanwhile Apna, the Haslingden drop-in centre that we opened in 2014 and was intended to last at most a few months, will be moving to new premises at the Dave Pearson Building on Manchester Road. Apna will continue its work, led by Arry Nessa and a new management committee, as a creative training and well-being centre and meeting place with a focus on women from the local South Asian heritage communities.

Watch this space…!


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