The Moonwatcher

Meet Rahmi, a young Pakistani girl who travelled half way around the world to be with her husband.
Now meet her daughter Azrah who is struggling to find where she belongs.
The Moonwatcher is their story, developed from the stories of South Asians who travelled to Britain. It explores how different values impact on the complex relationship of one mother and her daughter.
Beautifully told through masks, puppetry, spoken word and original music. A stunning multimedia show. The Moonwatcher asks where do any of us really belong?

Written and Directed by
Bob Frith and Shamshad Khan
Music by
Arun Ghosh
Animation by
Kain Leo

The Moonwatcher is a show that combines poet Shamshad’s insightful and thoughtful poetry with Horse + Bamboo’s trademark use of powerful narrative and imagery, using masks, puppetry, film and music.

The Moonwatcher is inspired by themes Shamshad has generously offered from her own experience and insights, alongside stories from families in Haslingden and Rawtenstall who engaged with our Different Moons project between 2013 and 2016. The Moonwatcher is currently on tour locally and nationally.

The Moonwatcher On Tour

20 February – The Dukes, Lancaster | Tel 01524 598500|

21 February – The Met, Bury | Tel: 0161 7612216 |

23 February – The Grand, Clitheroe | Tel 01200 421599 |

2 & 3 March – The Studio, Royal Exchange Manchester | Tel: 0161 8339833 |

9 March – South Asian Arts, Leeds | Tel 0113 2445523 |

10 & 11 March – The Boo, Waterfoot | Tel: 01706 220241 |

15 March – Universal Hall, Moray | Tel: 01309 691170 |

17 March – Heaton Community Centre, Newcastle | Tel: 01706 220241 |

18 March – Unity Hall, Nelson | Tel: 01706 220241 |


You can see The Moonwatcher at The Boo on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th March 2018 at 3pm and 8pm

Book tickets with the link below or call our box office on 01706 220241



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