Horse + Bamboo was formed in 1978 by a small group of artists, musicians and performers led by Bob Frith.   Our purpose was to take visual, musical and predominantly non-verbal theatre to places largely neglected by conventional forms of theatre, playing to audiences from a wide range of backgrounds.  Since 1978, the company has toured as a puppet theatre company across Lancashire, the UK and Europe with performances aimed at young and adult audiences.   The name derives from the use of horses to pull a caravan when touring, which was a central feature of the company’s work from 1979 to 1999.   

 In 2006, the company has developed our base in Waterfoot, Rossendale into a community space and theatre.  Our building, a former slipper factory and old liberal club, is now a 90-seat venue that delivers a regular programme for the community, performed by visiting artists as well as the Horse + Bamboo team. 

Within our building, we also house our Creation Centre, a space for artists to collaborate, create and share their work.  It comprises a rehearsal room and fully-equipped making workshop alongside technical and digital capacity to research, develop and fully realise creative ideas.