I am interested in working with H+B as a performer/designer/technician etc. How should I apply?

We audition infrequently as we tend to work with a group of associated artists who have a long-standing commitment to the Company and our work. On the occasions when we do audition the opportunity will be advertised in ACE and other on-line lists and websites.

We will keep suitable CVs on file but please only send email copies in order to save on paper and postage. Please email them to the relevant person in the company. In the case of performers this will normally be Bob.

I would like to find out more about mask and puppetry work. Can you offer opportunities yourselves, or give advice as where I can find out more about this area of theatre work?

We realise that opportunities to gain experience in this field are relatively scarce. We provide current information on this website under the ‘Take Part’ banner, and from time to time we will offer classes or training opportunities; again these will be on this website. Puppeteers UK host an up-to-date and detailed website about other opportunities that become available. This is at www.puppeteersuk.com.

Can I come and watch a rehearsal and speak with a member of the company?

Our rehearsals are usually a closed process. On rare occasions there may be opportunities to view the rehearsals, but these will be limited to invited people who have some connection the process.

I am doing some research and would like to know more about H+B. I have questions on the company’s style and methods of working and would like to interview a member of the company.

Due to the high level of demand from students and others studying theatre practice, we are not normally able to help with requests for information beyond that supplied on our web-site, including the information we provide on this FAQs page.

What is your mission?

Art is important and can change lives. Ours is a very handmade aesthetic based around puppets, masks and music. We use these forms to make theatre that is playful, moving and inspiring, reaching audiences through touring and at the Boo, our home in Pennine Lancashire. The Boo also allows us to have a lasting impact on our neighbourhood, and to share our skills and resources.

How are you managed?

Horse + Bamboo is part of ‘Little World Ltd’ a registered charity. It is therefore managed by a Board of Trustees, who oversee the work we do.

How many staff do you have?

This changes from time to time. But currently we have an Executive Director, a Finance Manager, an Administrator and an Outreach Artist. Then we have a small team of artists led by Bob Frith, the founder of Horse + Bamboo , plus a Technical Director/Building Manager. Naturally we also have dedicated teams of free-lance performers, many of who have worked with us for many years.

Who supports you financially?IMG_6116

An increasing proportion of our income comes from the selling of our work and services. We are a NPO (National Portfolio Organisation) with Arts Council of England support, and we also receive support from Lancashire County Council. Beyond that we receive help and financial support from a wide-range of Trusts and Charities, and we’re always open to sponsorship opportunities with companies and other like-minded organisations.

What are your future plans?

We usually plan our work several years in advance, and we are currently working on increasing and developing our work in Lancashire and the North-West. Beyond this we expect to continue to create new work which will tour locally, regionally, and beyond. One thing we are keen on developing is providing more opportunities for young and developing artists and arts companies, especially those based in Rossendale and East Lancashire. We will also continue to explore new technologies where we feel they can add something new to our work.