Horse+Bamboo offers support and encouragement for new and emerging artists and companies as well as established organisations. We will advise, support and/or mentor, and can provide training and workshop and rehearsal facilities.

The Boo programme can also provide opportunities for artists and performers to present new work. Companies who have participated in our mentoring programmes, or have been supported by H+B include the following:


Paul Piris and Aya Nakamura of Rouge 28 came to us with a newly rethought version of Urashima Taro, a traditional Japanese story. It was in a very rough form, and ran at about 30 minutes of theatre. Over the week we worked closely together to tighten up the narrative and add music. We are currently helping the company develop a stunning Japanese Ghost Story – Kwaidan.



H+B supported Keith Saha with his development and devising on ‘BABUL & THE BLUE BEAR’ as part of the black and Asian writers ‘Live & Direct’ programme. Alison Duddle of H+B has helped in the further development of this and other productions including the creation of masks and puppets for the company.



H+B provided a rehearsal space and management advice to the company for their production ‘WANT’, and towards their new production ‘ONE NOVEMBER DAY’, touring in 2008.


amthing-1602-620x360Lempen Puppet Theatre Company Direction and production development was provided by Alison Duddle for the Lempen production ‘THE FISHERMAN AND THE PEARL’, and Lempen frequently use the Boo as a rehearsal space.





Clive Chandler – Rehearsal support and facilities

Vivien Mousdell – Project support and direction

Mishimou – Creative support

Dynamic New Animation – Build, development

Full Body & The Voice – Music facilities

Lancaster Grand Theatre – Business mentoring

No Nonsense Theatre – Practical and rehearsal support


We provide an initial consultation meeting at no cost. Contact us to check availability and arrange a meeting. For more information, please contact Bob Frith at: