Theatre Ballads


The ballad is a story; a story in song. In this new research and development piece Horse + Bamboo are working with Bryony Griffith (Fiddle, viola and voice, Demon Barbers) and Kate Locksley (voice, narrative, The Teacups), John Kirkpatrick (accordion, concertina, melodeon), Ewan McLennan (guitar and voice) and puppeteers Gretchen Maynard-Hahn and Ailsa Dalling to develop an evening of ballads into small visual theatre pieces. The voices, harmonies, stories, puppets, music and animation will combine to create an evocative new look at visual theatre and folk music.

Dates –

23rd March 2017 – Cecil Sharp House, Camden

24th March 2017 – The Lantern, Colston Hall, Bristol

25th March 2017 – The Met, Bury









Jointly commissioned by EFDSS, The Met in Bury and Colston Hall in Bristol and funded by PRS for Music Foundation